This research enquiry explores the importance of play and how it can be enhanced to coincide with the traditional development areas in the modern world, as well as improving key skills such as gross motor and fine motor skills. The product gives children the time and space to explore and investigate through the freedom of deciding what they want to do and how they want to use the product.


Doodletots is a child-friendly and fun brand that develops educational and playful tools for children. The Preschool Creative Kit delivers a space for learners to develop hand-eye coordination, pen grasp and experiment freely with different mark-making tools, with help from the changeable themed backgrounds to inspire and motivate the creative process. Magnetic props such as hats and facial features can be added to the screens to add more playfulness. Furthermore, the product subtly and cleverly introduces technology as the educator will support the learner with scanning the artwork using the Doodletots AR app. The AR app recognises the props, and the artwork is brought to life through animation.